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Financial Executive Recruiting Service

Financial Executive Staff RecruitingIt isn’t easy to hire a Chief Financial Officer or Controller, particularly if your expertise lies elsewhere. Who better to find you a quality CFO or Controller than those who live that role every day? As financial specialists, we have the insight and experience to successfully bring you together with the most qualified candidates.

When hiring at any level of your accounting team, we know how to recruit personnel and what questions to ask.

Our Financial Executive recruiting process and extensive network allows us to identify top candidates quickly. In addition to a candidate’s financial acumen, we’ll pay close attention to potential candidates’ characteristics to ensure a good fit with your company culture and style.

And once you’ve selected your candidate, we will facilitate the negotiation and acceptance process to best ensure a successful outcome.

Case Study: Sutker’s Role Changes as Exponential Growth Continues

$40 million Façade Construction Company


Sutker became the outside CFO for a flourishing construction company, instilling processes and developing analysis that helped the owner and management team manage the Company’s growth. As the Company expanded vertically and horizontally, more financial management was needed.


Sutker sought and identified a full-time CFO and transitioned into a more business advisory position.

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